The world of fashion is changing, and so are we.

People want more from their designers. They want sustainable products that don’t compromise on quality; ethical accessories that retain their beauty; design expertise without the carbon footprint, and fashion without the cruelty.

Adelynnc was founded in 2017 with one goal in mind, which is to create a brand that lives and breathes the beliefs of cruelty-free fashion.

To do that, to prove how leather is a thing of the past, we must evolve quickly. Based on our extensive research efforts, we were enlightened that the technology advancement has paved the way how polymers can be constructed from recycled materials such as cork, fruit waste and plastics. With that, we have taken up the challenge, ride against the norm of fashion, to develop our fashion line using these re-purposed materials.

This vision of ours, paired with the creativity of our designers is what makes Adelynnc the brand it is today!

Why vegan leather vs. leather bags?

Not only is vegan leather cruelty-free, sustainable and eco-friendly, it is also lighter and equally durable during production for hard-wearing fashion items.

Why Adelynnc?

What sets us apart are the materials we use. We are advocates of cruelty-free and sustainable fashion movement. Since 2019, all our lining materials are made from recycled bottles. And our goal in 5 years is to replace all other materials with eco-friendly alternatives.

On top of that, we also work with factories that are certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standards). This means all our partners have been audited to ensure they maintain fair working standards and worker wages.

Our Mission.

We want to create fashion that protects the future of our children and the lives of Mother Earth.

- Adelynnc